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WWE: The Rock explica regresso!

 The Rock WWE Champ


- Numa entrevista ao site, The Rock explicou o porquê do seu regresso à WWE e qual a ideia desde início.

The Rock diz que John Cena sempre foi a sua primeira escolha para trabalhar, e que tudo começou no Wrestlemania XXVII. O objectivo de The Rock, é trazer mais atenção ao produto WWE e tornar John Cena numa estrela ainda maior! 


"The question was that if I was going to go back in the WWE, how could I go back and make the most impact? With who can I headline WrestleMania in that company and make the most impact? And the bottom line is that it continues to be John Cena. Just in terms of, and we'll use a Hollywood term here, box office appeal. Universal appeal. Athletic pairing. So there are a lot of reasons."


"What I'm talking about is being able to go back to the WWE and give back to the business, which is in my blood and has allowed me a platform to perform which then, 12 years ago, allowed me to make he transition to Hollywood. So the scenario I've dreamed of is that I'm able to go back, become WWE champion, go into the what is considered the biggest marketplace in the world, which is the New York City area, at MetLife Stadium and headline WrestleMania as champion and give back to the business, the fans, the company, and their number one hero. So I couldn't have asked for a better scenario and we're going to have a blast."

No último paragrafo, The Rock dá a entender que vai perder o título da WWE, no Wrestlemania, para John Cena. Algo que, diga-se, não é de estranhar tendo em conta que The Rock venceu Cena no ano passado no maior palco de todos. 

Para finalizar, The Rock fala sobre o combate com Cena no Wrestlemania XXIX: "I think we're going to have a great match and my hope is that it's going to be a classic."