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Impacto Global - Wrestling e MMA

Com Jorge Botas

WWE: The Rock fala do Wrestlemania 29, G.I. Joe e a dieta!

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson usou o Twitter para responder a perguntas de fãs, onde foram abordados os mais diversos temas, incluindo o Wrestlemania XXIX, o mais recente filme "G.I. Joe - Retaliação" e a sua dieta.




"My fav Wrestlemania moment will come April 7. Met Life Stadium. The greatest way I can give back to the @WWE. #RockTalk"


"My current diet is a 14 week prep to shoot Hercules. 7 meals a day. Protein/carbs/greens. Zero fat. It's a bitch;). #RockTalk"


"Making #GIJoeRetaliation & playing Roadblock was a childhood dream come true. Super cool, plus Block's a bad mofo! #RockTalk"


"Prep for #GIJoeRetaliation fight scenes was tough. Trained w Navy SEALs & fight choreographers. Had to look legit. #RockTalk"


"Working w/ Michael Bay & Wahlberg on PAIN & GAIN was solid. My boys. P&G will be unlike anything you've ever seen..;) #RockTalk"


"3 important things I learned for success: Stay hungry, humble & surround yourself w/ quality peeps. (And eat pancakes) #RockTalk"


"I want to play a Jedi, Space Cowboy & Evil Sith all rolled into one. Anything's possible - calling JJ! #StarWars #RockTalk"